Friday, 17 August 2012

Try a cottage rental before you buy a house

Are you thinking of moving any time soon? Work, or the end of work, can often prompt a long distance house move. With the internet and online estate agents, it's easy to feel able to get a handle on a new area, but there really is no substitute for checking it out in person.

Now we are moving out of peak season pricing, a small investment in renting a cottage for a few days might save you from making an expensive unhappy move. With stamp duty now costing many thousands of pounds, you really don't want to regret a house move. With CottageWorld's vast choice of locations, you can find somewhere nice to stay in your chosen area, tour around, talk to the locals etc. Not so much a holiday, although let's hope you enjoy it, more an insurance against making a mistake.

Just put the area you want to visit into the search box, and away you go.

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