Sunday, 17 June 2012

Escape Euro 2012! Escape the Olympics!

Patriotic fervour and wall-to-wall sport on TV - we love it. Well many do, but there are Britons for whom this is torture. A torment which creeps into their lives day after day until they cry "enough", but still every news bulletin brings more football and flag-waving.

The answer is escape. Not abroad, where every resort in Europe will be showing the football and Olympics in every public space, but to the quiet corners of the British Isles. Cottages which are especially quiet because there is No TV Reception!

Cottage World, the cottage comparison site, lists holiday cottages from a host of letting agents and private owners. Search for "no TV" and the choices are glorious. A yurt at the edge of a lake in Gloucestershire from Sykes Cottages sleeps 2, while a family gathering might like a barn sleeping 12 from Dorset Coastal Cottages. Both come with the magical words "no TV" for those whose sanity is fraying at the edges. lists over 12,000 cottages, apartments and log cabins, and has a search facility that means just about any facility can be found somewhere. Recent successful searches include "hypo-allergenic bedding" and "Michelin star restaurant nearby".

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