Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Lucky Dip!

The traditional way to choose a cottage has always started with the place. Well with tens of thousands of holiday cottages out there you have to start somewhere, and that is how the listings are organised.
Many people looking for their ideal cottage have found they are already booked, and have settled for second best (or worse) wherever they wanted to go.

Times have changed! The Cottage World Search means that instead of starting with a place, you can simply profile your ideal cottage. Does it have wheelchair access and wi-fi to keep in touch with work? Then it could be in Gloucestershire, the Lake District, or a host of other places.

Perhaps your ideal cottage has sea views, but an enclosed garden where the kids can let off steam without you worrying all the time. That search throws up 71 options for you to look at, from Cornwall to the Isle of Skye.

Try it for yourself. Enter some features you would really like on holiday and see where they might take you. Happy hunting!

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